BorderMaker 4.1

Add a border, watermark and other effects to multiple images at once


  • Works with entire image folders
  • Preview changes in real time
  • Can upload the images to an FTP server


  • Confusing interface
  • Not many editing tools included


BorderMaker makes massive photo editing a lot easier by providing you with a bunch of tools to perform certain changes to multiple images at the same time.

The interface in BorderMaker is a bit confusing. It’s divided into three main areas: Source, where you select the folder containing the images you want to edit; Settings, where you configure the changes you want to apply to them; and finally Destination, where you pick the target folder you want to save modified images to. Plus BorderMaker makes use of separate windows for each of the editing tools, and also to display an image preview.

With BorderMaker you can resize your images, insert a text or graphic as a watermark and also add a border. Unfortunately the program lacks tools to adjust color, brightness and other parameters.

BorderMaker can help you get your photos edited in almost no time, provided you have enough with the tools included in the program. Once they’re processed, you can save them on your hard drive or upload them to an FTP server right from the program.

With BorderMaker you can add watermarks and borders to multiple images at the same time.



BorderMaker 4.1

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